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D3K1 increased calcium absorption

Calcium is one of the most important minerals for our organism: it allows muscle contraction and consequently movement and breath, and not to mention its role in bone formation and proper functioning of various organs. Calcium is supplemented by diet. The amount of calcium absorbed is often not sufficient to allow the body to carry out its functions.

Unlike other nutritional deficiencies, calcium scarcity is not immediately noticeable. If the quantity of calcium started running out, the body draws on bones, which act as an organ reserve. As a consequence, the value of calcium in blood tests remains the same, at the expense of a progressive bone demineralization, which leads to the onset of diseases like osteoporosis, bone fractures and defects of growth in children.

D3K1 is a supplement that increases calcium absorption by the body. It is particularly indicated in cases where the deficiency derives not from a poor contribution of calcium through the diet but from its lack of absorption.


Composition and D3K1 mechanism of action.

The supplement contains two vitamins very important for the process of absorption of calcium that are:

  • Vitamin D3: an important molecule especially for absorption of calcium in the intestine that unless is unable to cross the intestinal barrier, i.e. moving from the intestine ending then in the stool. Our organism cannot produce this vitamin: its lack causes the failure to absorb calcium and so a nutritional deficiency;
  • Vitamin K1, acts on bone calcium metabolism. The body is not able to produce it. If present, it causes the calcium, which is in the blood (previously absorbed by the intestine) to enter the bones, the mineral organ reserve. Without Vitamin K1, calcium is deleted (especially in urine) and deficiency however remains in the body. For children, in particular, Vitamin K1 lack is frequent, while in adults it is more frequent Vitamin D3 deficiency.

Compared to other similar supplements, D3K1 does not contain both vitamins and is specific for the improvement of calcium absorption. The two vitamins allow a linear passage of calcium from  food to bones, ensuring that the mineral taken actually reaches the organ reserve. Thus, an adequate metabolism is insured even if there is a deficiency in just one of the two vitamins.


In which cases D3K1 intake is recommended?

D3K1 is useful in all situations where calcium metabolism is compromised or, in any case, there are known or suspected of a poor absorption of this mineral by the body.

In particular, the food supplement is indicated in the following cases:

  • Bone problems that often result from poor absorption of calcium. The most important is osteoporosis, or bone demineralization, which in children cause growth problems;
  • Muscular problems caused by calcium deficiency. Calcium, in fact, is directly involved in the functioning of the muscles and its lack can cause problems of various kinds. Specifically, integration helps the tingling, muscle tremors that occur in different parts of the body, numbness in the hands and feet, difficulty to practice sport and tackle tough jobs and the pain of contraction of some muscles, especially in older people.
  • Menopause causes ovarian estrogens decline in number and typical crises arise at this delicate period for women. Estrogens, in fact, improve metabolism and the management of menopausal symptoms and so they are administered through a substitute drug therapy. The vitamins contained in D3K1, do the work that, before menopause, was played by hormones.
  • Amenorrhea is a lack of menstrual cycle. Here again we have a poor calcium metabolism, caused by the hormonal decline and responsible in turn of the absence of the cycle. The food supplement does not solve the problem but avoid the most serious consequences resulting from mismanagement of calcium by the body.

D3K1 supplements vitamins promote calcium absorption and storage, but does not act by integrating calcium itself. The intake of the food supplement therefore makes sense only if, at the same time, the subject takes calcium through proper nutrition.

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