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Differences between Kemolife and NKLife AHCC

L’AHCC it is currently one of the most interesting natural molecules used in oncology and for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Several scientific studies that have been carried out on this molecule show its therapeutic properties. On the market we can find different formulations of NKLife as capsule and convenient sachets. It is possible to find also a new product, always under the International Biolife brand and based on AHCC, which differs from NKLife AHCC for some aspects that we will analyze later. In short, we can anticipate that the amount of AHCC of the two products varies.



Let’s start by clarify a fundamental point concerning the AHCC. AHCC is a registered and patented trademark, which means that the production of the molecule must follow standard procedures, which cannot be changed by the manufacturer.

The products based on extracts of the Shiitake mushroom, on the contrary, have a variable concentration that affects their effectiveness.

AHCC products on equal quantity assumed contain the same dose of fungal molecule. The difference is on the substances associated to AHCC that lead to different effects.

Differences between Kemolife and NKLife

Given that there is no better product than the other, the main difference is in the substances and excipients that, in addition to AHCC, compose the food supplement. According to specific needs, you can opt to take one or the other product.

NKLife AHCC is a more concentrated product. It consists in fact only of two ingredients, one of which is the molecule of AHCC (then the extract of AHCC obtained by standard method), while the other is the capsule of vegetable protein that protects it from contact with air. As the capsule arrives in the stomach, gastric acid destroys the outer gelatin releasing the contents. It therefore remains in the digestive tract until it reaches the intestine, where it is absorbed entering then into the circulation.

Each capsule of NKLife AHCC contains 500 mg of AHCC and the rest (equal to 300 mg) by the capsule shell.

Kemolife is a less concentrated product because it is not composed only of AHCC.

Supplement composition:

  • Beta-glucans:  sugars with a similar structure to AHCC alpha glucans, but coming from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, the common brewer’s yeast. Properly treated, these sugars have an effect similar to that of AHCC, but the scientific sources are less precise on this type of use than what is shown with AHCC;
  • Vitamin C:  it is the simple vitamin that can be found in fruit and vegetables; it has antioxidant activity and, in general, it is recommended to take it even during oncological therapies. Kemolife in fact allows cancer patients to take two beneficial substances in a single product.

The presence of these components means that the AHCC dose is reduced in Kemolife. Each tablet contains only 200 mg. By contrast, Kemolife has two other substances not present instead in NKLife AHCC.

NKLife AHCC is an immunostimulant recommended as an aid in the treatment of warts and to fight off the HPV virus, particularly in women, that can cause cancer. Generally, it is a valid supplement in all cases of immune depressed patient, for example due to chronic conditions, as autoimmune diseases, stress or cancer treatments.

It is a very concentrated product to be taken in the right dosage so to obtain maximum benefit.

Kemolife is a new immunostimulant product especially useful in cancer patients. In addition to the AHCC it also contains vitamin C and beta glucans. It certainly can be used also as a supplement against HPV, particularly as a preventive measure, and to avoid the onset of warts.

It is important, in the choice of either product, to take advice from your primary care physician, also concerning dosages to be taken to ensure that you hire the most suitable supplement.

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