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Kemolife, adjuvant cancer treatment

Is it possible to improve the quality of life of cancer patients in a concrete way? Scientific studies say yes. In order to recover, it is necessary to undergo all the prescribed medical treatments but it is equally important to actively help the body to respond better to the treatment, by strengthening it.

Based on this assumption, research is focusing in recent years on the solutions proposed by natural medicine, composed of natural molecules derived from plants and mushrooms. They are marketed as diet supplements to be taken in parallel to traditional medicines and are part of a new discipline called nutraceutics that exploits the medicinal properties of food.

In particular, the union of different foods substances in a synergetic way improves the general health of the organism. One example of this is Kemolife, a natural product created to support cancer patient facing long and debilitating therapy.


Ingredients of Kemolife

Kemolife is a food supplement containing natural substances that can improve the body’s immune status of those patients that are fighting against the neoplasm but also against secondary diseases such as bacterial and viral infections that usually occurs to the organism debilitated by the disease and from therapies.

The components of Kemolife are three:

  • AHCC: an alpha glucans that is naturally extracted from some species of mushrooms. Alpha glucans are molecules already well known in the medical field for their overwhelming ability to stimulate the reproduction and activity of some immune cells called Natural Killer, responsible for the non-specific immunity of the organism;
  • Beta-glucans are molecules that equally stimulate immune populations, but with a chemically structure different from the Alpha glucans. Beta glucans act on macrophages that are tissue mononuclear cells belonging to the system of phagocytes;
  • Vitamin C is primarily known as an essential substance for the body obtained through nutrition. In particular, higher than normal dosages can reduce the damage caused by free radicals, thanks to its antioxidant action. In cancer patients, vitamin C has a dual function: on the one hand, it counteracts the high production of free radicals typical of cancer, and second it is responsible for the activation of macrophages. Indeed, the latter mainly increase and are proliferating by beta glucans interacting with vitamin C, contributing to increase the overall effect of Kemolife.

The combination of alpha glucans and beta glucans in a single product leads the development of a synergistic action, much more powerful than that which would develop from the same substances individually.


Benefits and mechanism of action

We can understand the benefits that go along with integration of Kemolife in cancer patients on the basis of recent various scientific studies carried out on the individual constituent product substances.

Main effects:

  • Antiproliferative effect on cancer. The immune system cannot fight alone the growth and proliferation of a malignant tumor and this is the reason why chemotherapy is always required to achieve healing. However, whether in terms of efficiency, the immune system can help prevent tumor growth by facilitating the activities of drugs;
  • Antimetastic effect. An immune system properly stimulated reduces numerically metastases (later in time repetitions of the same disease) and also recurrence (repetition of the disease occurring in the same place and which develop, generally, after surgical removal of the mass).
  • Protective effect. An active immune systems limits infections, increasing the general wellbeing of the body.
  • Secondary effects mainly concerning the quality of life of the patient. Alpha glucans have proven effective in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy as hair loss, vomiting and nausea. Moreover, they have a protective effect on the liver, overloaded by the quantity of drugs to be metabolized.

Overall, therefore, the beneficial effects of Kemolife in support of cancer patients are different and all very important. The product is specifically for people with cancer but in no case may be substituted to chemotherapy, as it is a dietary supplement. It is then just a product that supports and assists the medical treatment, and not a drug able to heal from cancer.

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