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Alfa glucans, Beta-D Glucans (1-3)/(1-6) and Vitamin C

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Kemolife is an innovative synergistic complex based on Alpha glucans and Beta-D Glucans (1 3) / (1 6), enhanced with the presence of Vitamin C, useful for stimulating the immune system and to exert physiological imbalances during periods of stress. It is a valid support to mitigate the negative effects of oncological therapies.

There is now a great deal of scientific evidence on the use of low molecular weight linear polysaccharides, extracted from medicinal mushrooms and yeasts (Barros et al, 2007, Sarikurkcu et al, 2008, Wang et al, 2004, Kim et al, 2007, Synytsya et al. al, 2009) and their anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells (Jian et al. 2008), anti-angiogenesis (Kimura et al, 2004), immune-modulating (Wu et al, 2013), antimutagena (Wu et al, 2012) and anti-invasive properties (Lindquist et al, 2005 – Patelet al, 2012). The currently available data suggest that the integration with these micronutrients plays an important role in physiologically modulating the immune response, in particular for Natural Killer cells. Linear polysaccharides with low molecular weight are an important adjuvant in the states of gastrointestinal distress and in the diet of subjects with risk associated with high oxidative stress.


Main components of Kemolife

Alpha glucans: low molecular weight compound (about 5,000 Daltons) obtained from the fermentation of the mycelium of the Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula Edodes) and extracted with a patented process which is the only mushroom extract with these characteristics since all the others contain only Beta glucans.

Beta glucans: it is a polysaccharide with Beta (1 3)/(1 6) bond. It is extracted from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. It turns out to be a very active molecule on the system of innate immunity (activations of macrophages, neutrophils and dendrites cells) and improves the adaptive immune response (activations of CD4 lymphocytes) and has the major histocompatibility complex (MCH II) (Cobb et al., 2004).

Vitamin C: it is a very precious water-soluble vitamin for our body that must be integrated by mouth because our body is not able to synthesize it. The scientific evidences of how it can improve the physiological immune response are innumerable. Vitamin C participates in the activation of macrophages and it is known that, in the deficient states, the macrophages are fewer in number and have dimensions below the norm with a limited migration capacity.

The combination of Alpha/Beta glucans and Vitamin C is synergistic [see table].


Additive effect; Glucans – Vitamin C C

To understand better, we can compare the activity of the macrophage to a car that needs the ignition key (Glucans) to be put into operation, but a constant supply of fuel (Vitamin C) is essential, with a daily requirement at least 100 mg. For this reason we chose to associate these components within Kemolife.


Indications on dosage and use: Take one or two caps per day with a glass of water during meals.


Interactions: No interaction is reported when co-administered with other supplements or medications.

Contraindications: There are no contraindications except hypersensitivity to one of the components.

Clinical Studies