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Gematria Products Inc. produces this supplement in the United States. Its particularity is the production process that has a patented technology which allows, with LASER stimuli at variable and specific powers, to enhance the active ingredients during the release phase. It also provides the molecule with greater electromagnetic stability and a surplus of energy that increases its effectiveness once it enters metabolic systems.

This supplement treated with LASER increases up to 100 times the power and effectiveness of the molecule.

Nitroxx is a supplement that naturally increases the level of nitric oxide, a molecule that research has identified as essential in the treatment of heart damage and blood vessel diseases since it helps to combat circulatory dysfunctions. It could also help improve sexual vigor in both men and women.



Nitric oxide is derived from Arginine and other cofactors. The side chain tail is rich in nitrogen. A specific enzyme, nitric oxide synthase, uses this nitrogen to make nitric oxide. Arginine supplement, especially if with nutritional cofactors supporting its function, has proven to be useful for supporting a wide range of important benefits.

Supplemental arginine, particularly if provided with nutritional cofactors that support its function, has been proven to have a wide range of life enhancing benefits.

The production of the Nitric oxide is increased by 350% compared to the mean values, promoting an increase in the cyclic GMP molecule (cyclic monophosphate of the guanosine).

It also helps in the treatment of chronic diseases, especially vascular diseases.

It can increase sexual vigor (erectile dysfunction), firmness, and durability of erections with increase of sperm count.

In women, it helps vaginal sensitivity.



L-Arginine, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Magnesium chelate, Zinc chelate, Selenium methionine.



In persons with herpes virus infections arginine can increase the risk of rashes. Precautions are also put forward for persons with migraine headaches, depression, schizophrenia, autoimmune disorders like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, liver cirrhosis, AIDS or if you are simultaneously taking a drug treatment with other nitrate-based drugs.

Format: 180 capsules of 600mg

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