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NKlife AHCC®

Available format:

  • NKlife AHCC® 30 capsules of 500 mg
  • NKlife AHCC® 30 sachets of 1g

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  • Reduces the negative effects of chemotherapy
  • Improves resistance to infections
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Helps the body to neutralize Papilloma Virus
  • Possesses antioxidant properties

What is AHCC®?

AHCC® is a food supplement derived from the Shiitake mushroom mycelium, the only mushroom extract in the world based on alpha-glucans molecules and characterized by a very low molecular weight.
AHCC® (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is the unique in the world produced with a patented process of rice bran culture, produced only by the exclusive technology of Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd – Sapporo (Japan).
Thanks to its very small molecular weight, the molecule is rapidly assimilated by white blood cells, and immediately sets our immune defenses in motion once again.
AHCC® was developed in 1987, and now its benefits are well known by researchers all over the world.
It is widely used as adjuvant in cancer treatments and, in combination with chemotherapy, improves the management of side effects and follow-up therapies; in viral infections such as hepatitis, HIV, herpes viruses and influences; in the gynecological field it is successfully used to neutralize HPV and thus prevent uterine carcinoma. It contains a large number of active ingredients including the derivatives of Alpha and Beta glucans.

How does AHCC® work?

As noted in many clinical trials, AHCC® is able to increase the number of macrophages and killer cells (NK) and their activity grow by more than 30%. Its action increases the production of cytokines and affects their performance rising body’s production of interferon gamma and interleukins 1, 2 and 12. AHCC® is able to inhibit some immunosuppressive cytokines improving the balance of Th1 cells and Th2.


Extract from Lentinula edodes (Shiitake)
Vegetable capsule

Gluten free

In which cases is it necessary to take AHCC®?

  • In a healthy body, the immune system detects and eliminates cancer cells quite the opposite when the immune system is weak and so the cancer cells proliferate and secrete immunosuppressive factors. AHCC® restores the normal functions of the immune defenses weakened by the traditional chemo and radiotherapy therapies. By strengthening the immune system, AHCC® contributes to improving the quality of life (functions and physical performance, psychological state and social interactivity) in those patients suffering from various types of diseases related to the immune system, including some chronic and untreatable conditions.
    • Cancer prevention. NKlife AHCC® has an anticancer effect.
    • Chemotherapy effects. NKlife AHCC® reduces the side effects associated with traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy (vomiting, hair loss, fatigue, decreased appetite, liver toxicity and changes in the blood formula) and also increases the efficiency of the latter.
    • Liver detoxification. NKlife AHCC® is a natural detoxifying compound of the liver. Improves symptoms of serious liver disease such as hepatitis, hepatitis C (85% reduction in the number of viruses in 3 months) and fulminant hepatitis. In cases of Hepatitis C there are clinical trials that indicate AHCC® as more effective than recombinant interferon. AHCC® also plays an important role in preventing hepatitis from evolving into cirrhosis.
     Diabetes. AHCC® can help reducing blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and normalizes the levels of glycosylated hemoglobin, thus helping to prevent the onset of diabetes complications.

ACan AHCC cause side effects or interactions?

AHCC® is safe and non-toxic. There is no report indicating a possible contraindication in the use of AHCC® even in combination with chemotherapy. There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking AHCC® if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

How to use AHCC®

To prevent flu and immune system strengthening: 2 capsules a day after meals (1g capsule of AHCC)

For more specific posology, according to your case, we invite you to request a free medical consultation by sending an email to:

Safety of AHCC®

AHCC® has undergone numerous clinical and in vitro tests, in humans and guinea pigs, by over 30 universities and medical research institutes and over 700 hospitals worldwide and they have confirmed its non-toxicity and safety. In particular, the genotoxicity was tested by reverse mutation assays and micronucleus tests, oral toxicity of single doses and oral toxicity of 90-day repeated doses were examined on rodents and a Phase I clinical testing was conducted in healthy subjects.
In addition, AHCC® is a mushroom-based compound, used by over hundreds of thousands of people around the world for over twenty years.

NKlife AHCC® is produced exclusively in Japan by Amino Up. Internazionale Biolife Srl is an authorized distributor for Italy.


AHCC®, as a food supplement, is not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the indicated dose. Do not take the product during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.


Available Formats

  • NKlife AHCC® 60 capsules of 500 mg
  • NKlife AHCC® 630 capsules of 500 mg
  • NKlife AHCC® 30 sachets of 1g


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